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From our trusty Directory, we’ve grown up with you, and we’ve always been there. Helpful, trustworthy, Yellow Pages Views.

Bangladesh make more than 1 million searches across our Yellow Pages Views website each month. Why? It’s simple. Our intimate knowledge of every single business, helps you to find and connect to Bangladesh businesses and services.

But the world is changing. It’s faster, more demanding. Time is even more precious than ever before. So to meet those challenges, Yellow Pages Views is changing too.

Our look is fresh and new. We think our new symbol, the circle, represents us perfectly. Fluid, yet focused, the circle describes the way we search and find. A spotlight. A pin point. A circle scrawled around an ad. Browse for something that piques your interest, or find the one business that meets your needs perfectly. The satisfaction of finding exactly what you need. That’s Yellow Pages.

Our redesign makes our website work even harder so that wherever you are in Bangladesh, you can trust us to help you find and connect to a business, any business, within moments. If you advertise with us you’ll notice changes too.

We want to help you and your business evolve to meet the demands of the new economy too. So, while we still offer the best advertising solutions for small businesses in Australia, now you can talk to us about our tailor-made solutions for e-commerce, websites and marketing as well. Our new restructure means that you’ll be talking to Sensis, rather than Yellow Pages, but we are still the most trusted place for

Bangladesh businesses to advertise.

We’re looking forward to taking this journey with you.